MAC 143 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: The Andy Griffith Show, 77 Sunset Strip, Surfside 6

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11 Oct 2018
MAC143 When/Why ABC, NBC, and CBS Mattered PART 2
Exam #3
I. Network-Era Programming Strategies
A. InnovationImitationSaturation cycle
1. Cloning
a) New show was a hit, and then other shows would adapt to
become similar or new shows just like it would appear
(1) Basic concept of the show is copied
b) Example: Warner bros. action series (77 Sunset Strip, Hawaiian
Eye, Surfside 6)
(1) Playboy-esque concept was a hit so they recreated the
show with different casts and subtle differences in the plots
(a) Same concept of show
2. spin-offs
a) A show is a hit so the production company will make a show
based on a popular character
b) Examples: (Maude, Frasier, Joey)
3. franchises
a) Use brand name to introduce new shows
b) Examples: (Law and Order franchise, CSI franchise)
B. Principle of Least Objectionable Programming
1. A network doesn’t want to turn away viewers
2. Pick programs that are not going to offend any groups
3. Reach as big of an audience as possible
II. FCC Regulations
A. Prime-Time Access Rule (1970)
1. A broadcast TV network could only deliver 3 hours a night to its owned
and affiliated stations
2. Aimed to undermine the monopoly
a) Revive first run syndication
b) Give Hollywood producers an opportunity
B. Financial Interest and Syndication Rules—“Fin-Syn Rules ” (1970)
1. Networks couldn’t put on programs they had an ownership stake in
2. Kept networks and producers separate
a) Networks couldn’t manipulate
3. Make more economically friendly for production
C. Re-regulation of CATV (cable)
1. FCC supported over the air broadcasting
a) Saw cable as an alternative to big 3 networks
2. FCC made cable more economically viable
3. Cable had more channels
a) Consumer friendly
III. Critical Analysis of the Politics of 1960s TV Programming Representations
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