MAC 143 Lecture Notes - Lecture 19: Belvedere Vodka, Semiotics, Song 2

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31 Oct 2018
MAC 143 PART 2: Semiotics and the Analysis of Popular Culture Texts (CONT)
A. Myth (ideology)
1. Myth is a deeply held story that a society tells about itself
2. Newsweek example
a) Diversity within the photo
(1) Different races
b) Girl waving the flag
(1) Sign of patriotism/spirit of America
(2) Child represents future, potential, hope
(3) Arms wide open could be a sign of vulnerability
(4) Could show that America is hopeful
c) Crowd comes together as a unified group
II. Some Things You Might Consider
A. Word Choice
1. Reasons behind word choice
2. Connotations of words
3. Different words can be used to describe something
a) Choosing the right word with the right connotation and association
can convey the desired emotion of the ad
B. Font
1. Can convey emotion
2. Example: Bourbon ad
a) Connotes old, classy, classic because it is cursive looks like how
people wrote in the 1800s
3. Example: Aquafina Alive
a) Colorful font conveys brightness
b) Crooked characters convey playfulness and fun
C. Color
1. Ex: Belvedere Vodka
a) Mostly white conveys simplicity, pristine, coolness, crisp iciness
b) Text is clean and classic
(1) Works with the color of the ad
c) Light blue conveys tranquility
(1) If the color was dark blue, it wouldn’t convey the same
D. Setting
1. Ex: Tommy Hilfiger ad
a) Country club
b) Architecture of the roof reflects east coast
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