MAC 143 Lecture Notes - Lecture 30: Models 1, Digital Revolution, Norman Rockwell

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Copyright Control Vs. Free Culture
I. Government Control of Media
A. Standard models
1. authoritarian model
a) British government first developed for printing press
b) Government gives media institutions a degree of freedom
c) Limited freedom
d) Media operates independently, but on the government leash
2. state model
a) Media needs to be under complete control of government
b) Soviet Union
(1) Pravda
(a) Shape people’s thoughts to align with government
3. libertarian model
a) U.S. approach
b) Society works best if the media is completely free and independent
of government control
4. social responsibility model
a) Press is independent of government
b) Media has a social responsibility
(1) Not free of certain expectations to serve the people
c) Should live up to its own code of ethics to best help the public
d) Ex: standard of going to school for journalism
B. As powerful tendencies rather than models
1. Likely to find all 4 models operating in one society
C. The U.S. media system
1. Media is the conduit between the government and the people
2. Media is the Fourth Estate
a) Watchdog of the government
3. Argument that there is a crisis of how adaptable the Constitution is
a) growth/emergence of large corporations
(1) How does it fit in
4. Four components
a) the government
b) the press/media
c) the people
d) the corporations
II. Free Speech
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