MAC 212 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Hegemonic Masculinity, Transcoding, Sigmund Freud

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1. Psychoanalysis
a. A way to understand the role of the unconscious mind
i. Sigmund Freud
ii. “Talking cure”
b. Why use psychoanalysis to study media & culture?
i. To understand desire (sexual and otherwise)
ii. To understand unintentional inclusions/representations
iii. To speculate about what is missing/repressed
1. “What you see is only half of the truth” (Hall 263)
2. Fetish
a. An object that is so full of meaning that it (almost) becomes the signified itself
3. Gender/Sexual Norms
a. A bundle of rules and limitations
b. These norms are socially and historically specific
c. Include:
i. Who is supposed to look?
ii. Who is supposed to be looked at?
4. Racialized Masculinities and Mainstream Culture
a. Recall Intersectionality
b. Failure to be a “real [ethnicity] man” is to fail in multiple ways
i. Why?
1. For men of color, masculinity is defined against:
a. White masculine norms
i. Hegemonic masculinity
b. Femininity in “their own” communities
5. Exnomination
a. Powerful categories often go unnamed
i. Often also unseen
b. Act of resistance to name the unnamed
c. Powerful category becomes visible in contrast
i. You only see the powerful category because you have seen the weak
6. Hegemony is never complete
a. Constant struggle
7. Transcoding
a. Attempting to change the meaning of a representation
b. Integrationist Strategy
i. Attempt to show that stereotypes are false
ii. Portrays marginalized group as “just as good” or “better” than the
dominant group
iii. Politics of respectability
iv. Emphasis on changing the signifier
1. New image to make people think of this category
v. Problems with integrationist strategy
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