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Lecture 24

SOC 153 Lecture Notes - Lecture 24: Bourgeoisie, Proletariat, Upper ClassPremium

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SOC 153
Steven Nelson

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Stratification Chapter 9
The hierarchical structure of unequal statuses within and between groups implies:
Social categories are ranked
One’s life experiences and opportunities
Rankings of groups change very slowly
How we are stratified
Society creates the shape of the stratification “mountain”
Poverty isn’t an individual problem: our system creates a certain number of poor people
and rich people through its economic and job structure
There is only so much wealth, so many jobs, or opportunities
Marx and Class Conflict
He theorized that class was determined solely by one’s relation to the means of
Proletariat and bourgeoisie
These classes have different interests, this creates a struggle
Bourgeoisie attempts to get more work from less pay out of works.
Workers resist this
Membership utterly determined life chances
When things get paid enough, eventually the lower class will overthrow the bourgeoisie
They'll create a system where surplus values is valued equally(socialism)
They first have to develop class consciousness
They proclaim equality
They foster discord among proletariat
They don’t see themselves as workers first
Upper class has the advantage
More monetary resources
More influence within institutions, government, military
They can pit groups against one another
They define terms such as what is wealth, property, etc.
Workers have the numbers
Modern Conflict Theory
We exist in a world system(core, periphery, semi periphery)
The global elites in the core occupy the top position
Soft Control:
Controlling information
Stifling criticism
Big Brother technology
Why are Poor Nations Poor?
Colonial history
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