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Lecture 36

SOC 153 Lecture Notes - Lecture 36: Femininity, MasculinityPremium

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SOC 153
Steven Nelson

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Gender is the part that is constructed by us and society
It is the social meaning of masculinity and femininity
It is a set of expectations concerning what males and females should be
Gender is the part that is in our control
We ”do” gender, we accomplish it, just like we perform our roles
It is how we look, feel and behave
Society creates gender rules, standards and we must respond
● Attitudes
● Behaviors
● Characteristics
● dominant
● Independent
● Strong
Actually are stronger due to biological reasons
“Wears pants”
Very sexual
“Date women”
This depends on the individual’s sexuality
Femininity: Women are seen as the opposite of men, even though most sociologists say that we
overlap in many ways.
● Submissive
● Dependent
● Weak
“Wears skirts”
● Nonsexual
Women have some interest in that due, that's why population keeps increasing
“Date men”
This depends on an individual’s sexuality
● Transgender
Cultural variation
Gendered characteristic are not meaningful because in many ways the overlap and because
they are socially constructed, a society that doesn’t take into account all of the possibilities that
sex and gender may be
Gendered attributes are not naturally distributed dichotomously
Ex: there are some women that are actually stronger than some men
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The characteristics of men and women overlap, we aren’t as separate as we think. We take the
small differences and separate them into the 2 categories. We have a construction of what a
man or woman ought to be and if they are not we impose sanctions on those people.
The gender split always favors men. “There is not a single society known where women-as-a-
group have decision-making power over man(as a group).”
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