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Lecture 2

SOC 153 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Social Disorganization Theory, Differential Association, Genetic Predisposition

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SOC 153
Nelson Steven

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Crime Explanations:
Each implies a tactic for prevention
Each is part of a story
Sociobiological Explanations
Genetic predisposition (men commit crimes)/evolutionary role
Environmental contaminants
Psychological explanations
Personality disorders
Psychological “illness”
Social Disorganization Theory (the streets of Chicago)
The social context you live in
Rapid change- no one wants to stay because it’s crappy
Collective efficacy- people are already hopeless, no institutions
Social controls- not enough police to trust
Social cohesion
Concentrated disadvantage
Differential Association Theory- more likely to learn things when you hear them a lot
from a person who means a lot to you while young
Messages received from important people you’ve spent time with
Control Theory- we are all bad, but society makes us good, rules keep us in line
Outer controls (social control)- things that keep us from doing bad, like a cop or
security cameras
Inner controls (self-control)
Bonds to society (attachment, involvement, commitment, beliefs)- we don’t do
bad things because we don’t want to be ejected from society
Labelling Theory- symbolic interaction, when you get labeled something, it turns you into
Self fulfilling prophecies
Neutralization techniques
Denial of responsibility
Denial of victim
Denial of injury
Condemning the condemners
Appeal to higher loyalties
Strain Theory- stressors in life cause emotional damage that lead to people doing bad
Merton’s theory- there is a strain between what you want and you get
General strain theory- all sorts of things that make your life harder cause you to
be under stressed
Differential Opportunity Structures
Some people have opportunities that others will never have
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