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Lecture 4

AMS 207 Lecture 4: AMS 207 Notes 2-16

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American Studies
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AMS 207
Busch Andrew

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Manifest Destiny The belief that the Us was destines to expand Westward over the entire continent: geographical determinism o Used to justify conquering Native Americans Focuses on American capitalist energy on the American West Demonstrates American expansionist attitudes, optimism and idealism and a belief in divine providence in the 19 century Jefferson Agrarianism For Jefferson, agrarian life was the most virtuous (thought cities increased immoral behavior); he built his notion of republicanism around the farmer and imagined a republic of yeoman farmers stretching to the wests. Economic selfsufficiency and land ownership would create independent, civicminded citizens Those who labor in the earth are the chosen people of God. The philosophy drove the Louisiana Purchase and Levis and Clark expedition Monroe Doctrine States that no European powers should attempt to colonize lands in North America, particularly in the American West and the Caribbean. Any attempt to do so will be taken as hostile action against the United States. Also states that US will stay out of European political affairs outside of North America o Isolationism While the Monroe Doctrine is generally interpreted as isolationist, it focused US energy on the American West and Caribbean. Jacksonian Democracy, 18281850s Andrew Jacksons political philosophy focused on the common man: extended voting rights to all white men; decentralized banking institutions; Indian removal for homesteading; allowing for quick change to statehood in Midwest Romantic Democracy Emphasis on creating unique American Culture Texas Texas fights and wins a war of independence from Mexico and becomes a nation; is annexed by the US in 1845, which engenders the MexicanAmerican war where the US wins most of the present day Southwest Like the drastic increase in US technological growth, victory leads to optimism and self confidence Other factors Preemptive Act (1841) and Homestead Act (1862) guarantee land for settlers in the West Railroad building Gold rush Urban problems discussed last week; real estate speculation
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