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AMS 207 Lecture 1: AMS 207 Notes 2-4

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American Studies
AMS 207
Busch Andrew

The Discovery of the New World Millions (90) of Natives dies within generations due to disease within the first century. Resources extraction and the Atlantic Trade The New World initially offers a new system of resource extraction and usher in the Atlantic Society. New world natural resources harvested, shipped to Europe, and either sold or finished. o Produces radical wealth and a protoindustrial system of European cities, but also slavery. Urbanization, especially in port cities, and bankingjoint stock companies. Indentured Servants o Europeans or other foreigners who gain passage to the New Word in exchange for 8 years of work (slavery) Emergence of Modern Nation States Spurred by a new urban commercial class and move towards individual rights. Modern nation states form that offer property laws, common currency, infrastructure, and protection. Less risk facilitates economic growth: Banks ad joint stock companies Europe, ca. 1700 Other Nation State attributes Strength gained from cultural binds as well o Similar languages o Newspapers o Mechanized printing o Organized religion o Other cultural attributes Industrial Revolution 17501914 Allowed for increased division of labor, urbanization, and increased focus on cash crops, and marketization
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