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Lecture 17

ANS 282 Lecture 17: BirdsasCompanionAnimals

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Animal Science
ANS 282
Seigford, Janice

Birds as Companion Animals Why might birds make good pets? Which of the reasons below are true for why a bird might be a good pet? A. They are easy to train B. They are not social, so they don’t need a lot of attention C. They are not very smart D. They are relatively easy to care for E. They are long-lived - All of the Above Archaeopteryx – believed to be a primitive bird. It lived about 150 million years ago. It was covered with feathers, and had teeth, long tail, 3 claw-like digits on each wing. - Modern birds appeared about 70 million years ago. - Modern birds are classified into 28 orders containing 170 Families and approximately 9,500 species of birds - Pigeons have been domesticated for ~10,000 years - Originally for meat & eggs - Later for communication, racing, show - Species like parakeets have only been bred in captivity for 100s not 1,000s of years - Many pet birds and falcons are still obtained from the wild - Illegal exotic animal trade is comparable to the drug trade Birds and Humans Common bird – human relationships: - Falconry – 3,500 years - Pigeons – racing, show, exotics - Show birds – pigeons, chickens, ducks - Pets – “parrots”, canaries, mynahs, finches, crows - Compared to dogs and cats, most pet birds are not fully domesticated - Falconry has been around for 3,500 years, but many birds were/are wild caught or involved wild breeding Budgies are known more properly as…. A. Lorikeets B. Mynah birds C. Canaries D. Parakeets E. Lovebirds *Budgie is short for budgerigar. Characteristics that Define Birds: - Two legs & two wings - Warm-blooded (endotherms) - Egg laying (oviparous) - Feathers on most of their body - Most have scales on their feet - Hollow bones - Numerous fused vertebrae (back bones) - Many are capable of flight Feathers Feathers are made of…. A. Melanin B. Keratin C. Lignin D. Ce
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