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Lecture 21

ANS 282 Lecture 21: Rabbits 1

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Michigan State University
Animal Science
ANS 282
Seigford, Janice

Rabbits Rabbits & Rodents Rabbits are one of the largest members of the Rodent family. A. True B. False Rabbit are NOT Rodents • Once classified as Rodentia, but now classified as Lagomorpha. • Rabbits have 4 upper incisor teeth arranged one pair behind the other • How is this arrangement different from rodents? • Like rodent teeth, rabbit teeth are open-rooted • This means they are continuously growing • They are worn down by abrasion of foods or grinding against opposing teeth Rabbit Classification: European rabbit Kingdom Animalia Phylum Chordata Class Mammalia Order Lagomorpha Family Leporidae Genus Oryctolagus Species O. Cunniculus Rabbit History: • Lagomorpha fossils 30-37 million years old • Very similar to modern rabbits • Other wild lagomorphs = hares, American cottontail, pica, jackrabbit • What does the fact that rabbits have changed little over millions of years mean? • Rabbits domesticated from European rabbit ~1,400 years ago • No interbreeding with wild lagomorphs Uses of Domestic Rabbits: • White meat; low in cholesterol, fat, sodium and fiber; high in protein. Easily chewed & digested • Fur & pelts • Angora fur • Laboratory testing • Antibody production • AIDS research • Cosmetic testing • Pets: Primary use in U.S. Rabbits as Pets: Pros • Can be trained to use a litter box • Require little special care • May live up to about 10 years • Come in a variety of sizes, coat types & colors • From dwarf to Flemish giant sizes • From satin to angora coat types • From albino white to black • From solids to spotted to otter Rabbits as Pets: Cons • There are some negatives of rabbits as pets • Powerful rear legs – can kick and inflict severe scratches with rear feet • If picking up an adult or large rabbit by the scruff, without support underneath, they can kick and break their backs • May bite – use judgment where you put your fingers! • NOTE: rabbits should never be picked up by the ears! (Scruffing is n
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