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ANP 201

Key Features of the Discipline of Anthropology -Holistic meaning "whole perspective" on what it means to be human -Comparative perspective on the "so what" -Integrative: Brings together different scientifi c perspectives and human perspectives Anthropology Vs. Other Fields -Humanities, and the way you study it The Culture Concept & Ethnographic Research Culture: A definition -Edward Tylor -Culture: a complex whole -Enculturation: The notion that we learn culture; that we become cultured Learning Culture -Direct instruction: being told what to do -Observation: mast majority of learning culture -Conscious and Unconscious: mostly unconscious Culture is Learned: -Based on Symbols: Culture is a symbolic system Culture is Symbolic: -Example the color black symbolizes mourning…in our culture -Language is an arbitrary relationship; there is no strict relationship between the word and the object -Otomonapiea are not arbitrary Culture and Nature: -How do humans and nature interact? -Humans interact with nature through culture -EX: dating is a natural behavior that culture converted into a cultural custom Culture is Shared: -Common experience: things are changing; friends with benefi ts -Does'nt mean we cant disagree Culture is All-Encompassing: -Culture can include all aspects of
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