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ANP 201

Guest Speaker 10/9/12 Racial-ethnic categories widely used in Human Genetics Researchers -To understand human evolutionary history -To understand human migration -To understand racial health disparities -To identify ancestral groups for individuals Racial categories are highly problematic -Race is a social construct, not a biological category -More differences within than between groups -Groups are continuous and boundaries arbitrary, fluid But race works.. -There appear to be obvious human groupings -Disease Distribution: Some diseases cluster along racial and ethnic lines -Some genetic markers have higher prevalence among some populations than others Do such findings show racial/ethnic groups are biological different? -Some race be used as a proxy for allelic variation? -Should findings be interpreted as evidence that racial groups are inherently different? -Should medical diagnosis and treatments be tailored to racial and ethnic groups? Many problems with the science of these generalizations -Small variations and inconsistent results -Genetic markers do not cluster along racial/ethnic lines -Meanings of subspecies/races does not apply -Genetic explanations for health disparities down playing complex causes: appeal of biological explanations -Local population are used as surrogates for larger divisions Interviews with Genetic Scientists: -Convenience sample n=30 -8 States and Canada Collect and Report Race/Ethnicity? Race Ethnicity 25 83% Geographic Sample 05 17% Race Ethnicity Difference Focus 22 73%
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