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ANP202 Since Darwin

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Constructing a Scientific Theory of Evolution: Since Darwin Question 3 *What has happened since Darwin? Three important discoveries 1. Mendel’s theory of heredity 2. Other causes of evolution 3. DNA: Molecular basis of evolution *Darwin was unaware of the research being conducted by Gregor Mendel in a monastery in the Czech Republic *Mendel’s experiments with pea plants led to the foundation of modern genetics Gregor Mendel (1822-1884) *Augustinian monk *Research on garden peas *Explained how inheritance occurs -traits are passed on as discrete units -we now call these units genes -known today as Mendelian genetics Mendel’s Breeding Experiments *In his observation of the plants, Mendel concluded that a discrete physical unit was responsible for transmission of traits (now called a gene) *Mendel also discovered that the traits in the pea plants did not blend -plants were either tall or short -a 3:1 ration (e.g. tall:short) for traits *Mendel inferred that there are alternate forms of a gene, now called alleles *The combination of the genes (alleles) from each parent determines the trait expressed in the offspring Genes *Gene: basic unit of inheritance *Genes come in pairs -Offspring inherit genes form their parents: one from each parent *Mendel hypothesized that there were different forms or variants of genes (alleles) Alleles *Allele: one or more alternative forms of a gene *Alleles are dominant or recessive -A big letter indicated dominant, e.g. R -A little letter indicates recessive, e.g. r &The dominant allele masks the expression of the recessive allele -RR= we w
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