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ANP 203

4/4/13 (class) • RelativeAge v AbsoluteAge: ◦ RelativeAge: evaluating age while comparing to something else ◦ AbsoluteAge: placing age with scales of years. (twenty thousand years from today) • Terminus Post Quem: the date after the artifact was deposited • TerminusAnte Quem: the date before the artifact was deposited • RelativeAging: ◦ Can be done through stratigraphy ▪ refers to looking at how things are inserted in the ground by looking at profiles ◦ Seriation: refers to establishing sequence via whats similar to an object ▪ Stylistic: orders artifacts according to similarity and style ▪ Frequency: temporal or spatial. Orders artifacts according to the relative frequency of an artifact ◦ Sequence Comparison: what object came first or last based on stratigraphy ▪ Assumes that its existing at the same time period ▪ Don't necessarily have to be exact ▪ One of the weakest methods of establishing age ◦ Geochronology: establishing the age of an artifact based on the geographic environment. ▪ Associated with dated geographical events ▪ Looking at the natural formation of terraces ▪ Also uses Dendrochronology ▪ Counting rings on a tree ▪ Annual growth rates ▪ Helps build a sequence but it needs to be verified by a couple sources. ▪ It has to be a tree species that archaeologists used ▪ When was that tree cut down? ▪ You need almost 1,000 separate trees and the right kind of tree and one
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