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Adaptation & Imperfection Slide Answers
Adaptation & Imperfection Slide Answers

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Michigan State University
Biological Science
BS 182H

Overview of Lecture AdaptationImperfectionRead Text pgs 450451 ch 2223Well consider what it means to say a trait is an adaptation why adaptations arent perfect and why it mattersBullet Points What is an adaptation Current functioncurrent selectionPast selection independent convergences Giant Jewel BeetleCats and sweetsConstraints to perfectionCorrelations and tradeoffsTime lags and the Environment of Evolutionary Adaptedness EEAGene flowCoevolution and the red queen Natural selection tends only to make each organic beingas perfect as or slightly more perfect than the other inhabitantsof the same country with which it comes into competitionAnd we see that this is the standard of perfection attained under natureDarwin C R 1872 The origin of species by means of natural selectionor the preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life 6th editionCHAPTER VI DIFFICULTIES OF THE THEORY pg 163 Dr Pangloss in Candideall is for the best in this the best of all possible worldsHow can tell if a trait is adaptive We want to keep evolutionary biology scientific avoiding untestable Just So Stories about howeverything is adaptive in this best of all possible worlds
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