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Michigan State University
Biological Science
BS 182H

BS182H Overview of Lecture IntroductionAn introduction to the course expectations how things work etc An overview of Themes in the Study of Life Text ch 1 Some important things to keep in mind when thinking about Science ResearchUnderstanding NatureBullet Points WelcomeSchedule web pagesteaching biology betterthe big questions in science are mostly biologicalknown knowns known unknownsunknowns unknownsproperties of living thingsa definition is problematic next lecturehierarchical organization of lifethe humanmicrobiome superorganisminteractionsemergent propertiesholismreductionism experiments vs descriptive studieswhat is science understanding describepredictcorrelation vs causation musicmathexperimentsgenerality Mozart effectthe blind men and the elephant You should have received an email from me earlier this week Greetings and Welcome to bs182h Fall 2013 There are a few things you should know before the first class meetingIf you did not receive this you need to talk to me email gettypphttpwwwmsueducoursebs182hfall2013schedulepdf Lectures TuTh 1240200pm S107 South Kedzie Hall ProfThomas Getty httpwwwmsueduusergetty email getty Office hrs beforeafter classTBALA Taylor Lascko LA Karishma Chopra email lasckota chopraka Off hrsTBA TBA RoomC2 HolmesC2 HolmesWatch this space for announcementsThis course is an overview and analysis ofWe will survey the basic facts Life on Earthbut we will focus our efforts 829 Intro to the course ScienceBiology BS181H is NOT a prerequisite for BS182Hon understanding conceptshttpwwwmsueducoursebs182hfall20130829introductionpdfWe will examine the nature of life the connections betweenRead Text ch 1 looking at diverse organismspatternsprocesses 903 This view of life 905 Microevolution Ihow they develop functionCritical analysis is essential to our successText ch 25 plus 2 papers Read Text pgs 450451 Ch 22 Read Chao L 2000 BioSci 503245250interact and evolveThis is not an MCAT prep course httpwwwmsueducoursebs182hfall2013chao2000meaningoflifepdf We will use the text as a backboneLenski R 2001 Nature 4146861255 Texthttpwwwmsueducoursebs182hfall2013lenski2001twiceasnaturalpdfbut we will spend a lot oftimeCampbellReece910 Microevolution II 912 AdaptationImperfectionexamining recent research papers Biology 8th edRead Text pgs 450451 ch 2223Read Text pgs 450451 ch 2223 so that you can see what questions Pearson Benjamin 917 SpeciationSpecies Concepts919 Genomes SystematicsPhylogeniesbiologists are wrestling with Cummings Read Text ch 24Read Text pgs 534535 ch 2126learn about some current techniques ISBN9780805368444 924 ProkaryotesViruses926 Eukaryotes Protistsand develop a critical approach to You do not needRead Text ch 1927Read Text ch 28 review ch 6 new developments in biologyany other books1001 Plants1003 Fungi Read Text ch 2930 Read Text ch 31You should read the assigned material before lecture1008 Animal DiversityInvertebrates1010 Animal DiversityVertebratesthen review the concepts and work through the self test at the end of each chapterRead Text ch 3233 Read Text ch 34watch Check the lecture schedule httpwwwmsueducoursebs182hfall2013schedulepdfhttpwwwyoutubecomwatchv6LJewU1PhQofeaturefvwrelhttpwwwyoutubecomwatchv9CBAN3f6QhgfeatureendscreenNR1regularly for changes in the topics and assigned readings1015 Animal FormFunction Nutrition1017 Circulation RespirationHomeostasisLectures will be presented as PowerPoint slidesRead Text pgs 850851 ch 4041 Read Text ch 4244 and posted as web pages in Adobe Acrobatpdf format linked to the lecture schedule 1022 Immune Systems1024 Endocrine systemsThe posted lectures will be incompleteRead Text ch 43 Read Text ch 45 You will need to attend the lectures to get the whole story to participate in discussion 1029 Nervous systems1031 Sensory Perceptual Mechanismsand to be present for quizzes which cannot be taken late without a valid excuseRead Text ch 4849 Read Text ch 49501105 SexReproduction1107 DevelopmentGrades40simple pop quizzes httpwwwmsueducoursebs182hfall2013sampleOldQuizpdf Read Text ch 46 review ch 13 Read Text ch 4647 review 18421630a 35 page NewsViews paperApproved NV Target Article titleabstract due httpwwwnaturecomproxy2clmsuedu2047authorsauthorserviceshowwritehtml Natures guide to writing 1112 Behavioral Ecology1114 Ecology PopulationsThe Science of Scientific Writing httpwwwmsueducoursebs182hfall2013scientificwritingpdf Read Text ch 51Read Text ch 5253 example student papers httpwwwmsueducoursebs182hfall2013NVexamplespdf the grading rubric httpwwwmsueducoursebs182hfall2013NewsViewsrubricpdf 1119 Term paper walkin clinic 1121 Term paper walkin clinic30essay final exam from a list of study questions1126 Video The Triumph of Life Winning Teams 1128 No ClassThanksgiving httpwwwmsueducoursebs182hfall2013finalexamstudyquestions2012pdf 1203 Ecology CommunitiesEcosystems1205 No lecture you study for the final exam Grades will be curved with a class average somewhere around 335 depending onRead Text ch5455Ill grade your NV papersaverage student performanceHere are last years gradesNewsViews deadline turn in marked up TA toohttpwwwmsueducoursebs182hfall2011BS182H2012finalgradespdfFinal Exam If you have any difficulty with any aspect of the class S107 South KedzieThursday 12101245Return to course entrance pagehttpwwwmsueducoursebs182hfall2013entrancepdf a short essay from the list of study questions please talk to us so we can help you
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