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Species & Speciation Slide Answers

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Biological Science
BS 182H

Overview of Lecture SpeciationSpecies ConceptsRead Text ch24Well consider the roles of gene flow and reproductive isolation in local adaptation and speciationwrestle with various attempts to clearly and usefully define discrete species Bullet Points biodiversity within and between speciesgene flow divergence and local adaptationprepost zygotic isolationmechanisms of speciationallopatric apartsympatric togetherspecies in a ringwhat is a speciesdefinitions biologicalphylogenetic why it mattersendangered species act The Concluding Passage fromThe Origin of Speciesby Charles Darwinendless formsmost beautiful and most wonderful have been and are being evolved205 species of blackberry in our area species Holy Cow What is a Although Darwin titled his book On the Origin of Species he never clearly defined speciesnor satisfactorily explainedthe process of speciationthat mystery of mysteries the first appearance of new beings on this Earth He focused on natural selectionadaptation withinbetween species microevol within species rather than the macroevol of diff species Geneticphenotypic divergencelocal adaptation require reduced gene flow Prezygoticpostzygotic barriers isolate the gene pools of biological speciesGenetic reproductive isolationdivergence are causeconsequence of speciation
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