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Plants Slide Answers

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Biological Science
BS 182H

Overview of LecturePlantsRead Text ch 2930 Bullet Points plant phylogenydiversityphotosynthesis light spectral sensitivityalternation of generations multicellular gametophyte n sporophyte 2n nonvascular mosses etcvascular ferns etcseed plantsflowering plantssexfruit and seed dispersalchemical defenses and offenses Plant Diversity Land plants evolved from freshwater green algaew many shared derived traitsadaptations to life in landair environment fruit Fig 3810 sec 382 floweringplants seed plantssec 301 ch 38 vascular plants w plumbing ch 35 land plants w fattywaxy cuticle Fig 3614stomata Fig 3616conserve water Fig 294297 The Kingdom Plantaehas been revised into a sister clade of the chara pond weed clade Fig 294 The mitochondrial genome of Chara vulgarismodern Chara Insights into the mitochondrial DNA architecture a pond weedof the last common ancestor of green algae and land plants is in sister groupTurmel M et al PLANT CELL 15 8 18881903 AUG 2003to modern plants
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