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Immune System Slide Answers

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Biological Science
BS 182H

Overview of LectureImmune Systems Read Text ch 43 Bullet Points Selfish ClonesInnate immunity Cells InflammationFeverToxic ShockChemicals RNAiAcquired immunityAntibodiesThymic EducationCellmediated T immunityHumoral B ImmunityDiseasesStress Think Happy Thoughts for betterhumoral immunityEvolution by Natural Selection is a Selfish Process Things that survivereproduce relatively more of self become relatively more common over timeAn important way to increase survivalreproduction is to form cooperative coalitions In evolutionary theory the main mechanisms that underpin cooperation discourage cheating are mutualism reciprocity and kin selection By helping kin a unit helps reproduce copies of shared genes All the cells within a body that descend from a fertilized egg are a clone kinship1 except mutations cancers this makes for a very cooperative coalitiona body Most cells in a body dont reproduce across generations they increase copies of shared genes in theirclose kinthe gametesIt is the job of the immune system to stabilize this cooperative coalition of cells self team by making sure everyone is on the same team the Selfnonself Discrimination in Basal Metazoa Integrative and Comparative BiologySep 2005by Cadavid Luis Fthe basal metazoan phyla Porifera and Cnidariahave the ability to distinguish between their own tissuesand those of unrelated members of the same speciesmaintainsthe genetic integrity of the colonyand might be necessary for the evolution of multicellularity
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