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Behavioral Ecology Slide Answers

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Biological Science
BS 182H

Overview of LectureBehavioral Ecology Read Text ch 51 Bullet Points behavior behaviorism psychologyethology behavioral ecologygenesnatureenvironmentnurtueGxE interactionscooperationmutualism kinship reciprocity manipulationsocial gamessocial intelligence We can think of behavioras what an animal does and how it does it including nonmotor latent components of behaviorsuch as learning and memorychanges of state that influence future behaviorlike hunger fear knowledge skillIf we consider the development ontogeny of any behavioral traitnurture and genetic nature influences we find a series of environmental that can interact as well as add up to influence the phenotypetraitBehavioral ecology studies how behavior is controlled proximate cause Tinbergensand how it develops ontogeny whys fourevolves phylogenyand contributes to survivalreproduction ultimate function Natural selection favors behavior that enhances survival and reproductive successThe debate about biological evolution and human culture remains heated The spectrum of possible human social behaviorsmay be circumscribed by our genetic potentialbut this is very different from sayingthat genes are rigid determinants of behaviorThis is at the core of the debate about sociobiology
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