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Reproduction Slide Answers

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Biological Science
BS 182H

Overview of Lecture SexReproductionRead Text ch46 review ch 13Bullet Points SexReproductionWhy Have SexParthenogenseisSexual SelectionSexual ConflictHuman Mating SystemsSignalingMate ChoiceEvolutionary Psychology Parental Care Few subjects pervade our everyday thinking more than sex and few urges are more insistent Raven et al 2005 By sex the authors mean the proximate pleasure of copulation not the ultimate functions of recombinationreproduction Fitness depends on reproductive successMany proximate aspects of animal form and function and thoughtcan be viewed as adaptationscontributing to ultimate reproductive successThere are two principal modes of animal reproductionAsexual reproduction is the cloning of one parentIn most cases just mitotic cell division wo meiosissyngamySexual reproduction is the creation of offspring by the fusion of haploid gametes to form a diploid zygote Haploid gametes are formed by meiosisThe female gamete the ovum unfertilized eggis usually a relatively large and nonmotile cellThe male gamete the spermatozoon is a small motile cellhttpwwwpbsorgwgbhevolutionsexadvantageindexhtml Sexual Reproduction and the Evolution of Sex Otto S 2008 Sexual reproduction and the evolution of sex Nature Education 11 Sexual reproduction increases genetic variability among a mothers offspring
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