CAS 110 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Viral Video, Helicopter Parent, The Huffington Post

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10 Jan 2018
CAS 110
How to draw a butt in 5 lines
His viral video
Technical creativity
New theories, ideas, and technologies
Artistic creativity
Skill, technique, self expression
When companies need creative solutions they aren't looking for oil painters
We have the ability to make connections to unrelated things when we are born
Defined as creativity
Create something useful
Fight or flight
Work against each other to make you a better thinker
Toddlers are fearless
Fill the ,massive database of your brain with knowledge
Become a better and better thinker by learning new things
98% of kindergarten kids
266 sandbox table comm arts building
Test at the genius level for creativity
32% ten year olds
Test at genius level for the ability to be unique
10% of 15 year olds
Test at genius for creativity
2% of adults
Test genius for creativity
Generation change
Phones are very prominent in today's childhood
Take the time to learn reading, drawing, googling, something
Build up the muscle around you brain
Parent's want you to have the american dream and want you to live mediocre lives
They want you to be the same and not different
Helicopter parents- Huffpost
Given a set of rules to follow
Mid level managers do not care about creativity
Mediocre satisfiers
False reward of praise
Looking for likes and being told we did something good
We become covered in labels of what we can and can't, will and won't do
Goal: got to know who is actually doing the thinking
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