CAS 110 Lecture 2: CAS 110 Chapter 2 - Google Docs

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Published on 17 Jan 2018
CAS 110 chapter 2
Build a database of knowledge with curiosity
Career is a cripple word
In college you need learning skills and ways of thinking that give you value
You can be pointed in a bunch of different directions
We fight traits that make us feel unsafe
90% of the criticism we get is from us
We wind up doing the safe thing or the “right way” but that not the only way
Limiting beliefs
Things we believe about ourselves
We don't even know we are crippling ourselves
If you just cover it up you're just burying it and letting it fester
How is it possible
How can i learn
We believe we need better people to help us do things that we can do just fine
Should can be seen as a crippling word
“I should do…”
Not accepting reality
When you think a certain way that is limiting
Challenge assumption
Challenge the things you assume in your life
Always ask why
A lot of successful people are crippled by fear
Three people of success
Martin Luther King Jr,
Nelson mandela
These are self actualized people
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