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COM 100

Human Communications August 29, 2012 1. Introduction a) Course goal: To help you act more strategically about communication choices b) Disconnection between Goal and Message – i. Failed Marriage Proposal; why the disconnect? c) Two parts to this class – i. Part 1: Lectures – Learning principles ii. Part 2: Recitations – Practicing principles d) Assignment Review – i. Midterm and Final = 100 points ii. 4 speeches = 200 points iii. Written assignments iv. 800 points total 2. Message Goal: Connection a) Definition: i. Impacting each other’s’ attitudes, values and behaviors by message exchange. ii. Sense b) Purpose – i. To use messages to accomplish personal, group, or social goals. I want you to learn, laugh, reply. ii. To grow your relationships with people you care about. 3. Card Talk a) Talk cards: i. A set of messages associated with a role. Each time we communicate we play a role in the situation => friend, roommate, spouse, mom, etc. ii. We switch back and forth between the cards we are capable of playing. iii. Each card message play consists of – 1) Content or topics: Subject matter of the message 2) Style: a. Friendliness b. Formality c. Power 3) It’s the whole message package consisting of both verbal and nonverbal elements. b) Talk Games: i. The goal the message seeks to accomplish. ii. Examples: Flirt, teach, pray, decide, coordinate, entertain iii. Sometimes you don’t know what game people are playing. c) Card Decks: i. Set of cards available to play a game. ii. Personal deck: Friends and Family iii. Professional deck: Work-related games d) Card Hand: i. Cards we have in
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