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Lectures 3

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Human Communications September 17, 2012 Culture Values and Card Play 1. Motive to Connect: Develop Culture a) Definition of Culture: i. An identifiable group of people ii. Who share behavioral patterns: customs, rituals, language iii. Who share cognitions: values and beliefs iv. Every group develops a culture (family, business) b) Functions of Culture: i. Linking individuals to provide: 1) A common identity 2) A context for interaction 3) Rules for card play a. When cards should be played b. What games should be played c. How to interpret card play c) Value Cluster: Individualism/Collectivism i. Individualists value personal goals ii. Collectivists value group goals iii. Example 1: Personal achievement 1) Individualists: “I” over “We.” 2) Collectivists: “We” over “I.” iv. Example 2: Friendships 1) Individualists: Low value 2) Collectivists: High value d) High/Low Context: i. High context: The information for interpreting the card play is in the context. ii. Low context: All information for interpreting the card play is in the message, not the context. iii. Example: Humor topics on talk cards. e) Power Distance: i. High power distance: Focus on status or social ranking. High formality, low friendliness and high power in card styles. ii. Low power distance: Equal d
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