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Lecture 4

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COM 100

Human Communications September 24, 2012 Identity: Connecting to Develop an Identity 1. Personal Identity a) Basic Interpersonal Needs: i. Each person, for birth on, strives to meet three basic interpersonal needs that are not negotiable. 1) Inclusion – Desire to be accepted and respected within some group/family 2) Control – Desire to impact the environment to satisfy needs 3) Affection – Desire to receive intimacy and civility from others b) Definition of Identity: i. A subjective collection of your attitudes and beliefs about yourself built up over your life. ii. Goal: To differentiate yourself from others and satisfy your interpersonal needs iii. Your identity shifts, but stabilizes with age iv. Determines the cards you create and the games you play c) Self Concept Dimensions: i. Physical Self: Appearance? ii. Moral-ethical Self: Ethical important? iii. Relational Self: People person/loner? iv. Family-oriented Self: Family connection? v. Personal Self: Individual traits? vi. Social or Group Self: Social/Clan beliefs? d) Self-Esteem: i. Definition: The evaluation of self in comparison to one’s ideal self ii. Gap is big: Low self-esteem (vice versa) iii. Self-esteem is variable: Low in some dimensions, but high in others iv. Low esteem: Playing safer cards, topics and styles. 2. Social Identity a) Tajfel: Knowledge of belonging to a group + emotional significance or value of the group membership b) “I” and “Me” distinction: i. How do “I” see myself separate from the group? ii. How do others in the group see “Me?” What do I share in common with the group? iii. Prove group identity: Play the right cards the right way to show respect for the group. c) Gangster’s Paradise d) Self-Monitoring and Social Identity: i. High Self Monitors- 1) Are social chameleons 2) Good impressions
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