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Criminal Justice
CJ 110

Chapter 6 • Issues and Challenges: ◦ Police stress ◦ On the job dangers ◦ Use of deadly force ◦ Public expectations surrounding the enforcement of laws ◦ Societal change • Police Culture: • Jerome Skolnick ◦ Police have their own: ◦ Customs ◦ Laws ◦ Morality • Working Personality: All aspects of the traditional values and patterns of behavior evidenced by police officers who have been effectively socialized into the police subculture ( can be authoritarian, cynical, secret, efficient, suspicious, hostile, conservative, insecure, loyal, honorable, etc..) • Characteristics of the police personality often extend to the personal lives of law enforcement officers • Corruption: Low Level (Grass eaters) ◦ ..illegitimate activity which occurs from time to time in the normal course of police work ◦ Most common form of corruption ◦ Includes gratuities, playing favorites, intentional speeding, minor bribes, etc. • Corruption: High Level (Meat eaters) ◦ seeking of illicit money-making opportunities by officers. ◦ More serious form of corruption ◦ Includes role malfeasance, major bribes.. ◦ Protecting corrupt cops, property crimes committed by police, burglary, theft, criminal enterprises, resale of confiscated drugs, resale of stolen property • Integrity: Promoting police integrity by: ◦ integrating police ethics training into programs ◦ Conducting research in the area of ethics ◦ Studying departments t
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