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Criminal Justice
CJ 110

Chapter 11 (class) • Prisons Today: ◦ State Prisons = 1,000 ◦ Federal Prisons = 80 ◦ Prison Population = 1,366,721 ◦ 6.6% are women • Security Levels ◦ Maximum security- high walla, fences , secure cells, Primarily concerned with custody ◦ Medium security- Greater inmate freedom ◦ Minimum security- dormitory-like setting, private rooms, unarmed correctional officers Primarily concerned with rehabilitation ◦ Supermax Security • One out of every four state institutions is a large, maximum security prison • Early Punishments ◦ Before prisons, what was the form of punishment? ◦ Corporal punishmentIncreasedOften cruel and torturous ◦ Flogging ◦ Mutilation ◦ Branding ◦ Public Humiliation ◦ Workhouses ◦ Exile • What is the cost of incarceration? ◦ State Prisons= $11,302 per inmate ◦ Federal Prisons= $13,162 per inmate • The primary force that keeps minimum security prisoners from escaping is their own restraint • **Recidivism= The repetition of criminal behavior. This includes post incarceration: arrest, conviction, correctional commitment, or correctional status changes within a given period of time • The difference between state and federal prisons: ◦ State prisons= most have been convicted of a crime ◦ Federal Prisons= most have been convicted of a drug offense • ***Overcrowding: ◦ Prison Capacity: size of the correctional population an institution can effectively hold ◦ Rate Capacity: Inmate population a facility can handle according to experts ◦ Operational Capacity: Prison managements estimate of capacity ◦ Design Capacity:Architectural capacity design- inmate population the institution was originally built to handle ◦ Overcrowding is a way of life in most jails and prisons. • Prison Staff ◦ 80% male and 20% female ◦ 70% are white ◦ 22% are black ◦ 5% are hispanic • Keeping track of inmates: what is the name of the control mechanism used by correctional staff at regular intervals during the day? The Count • Federal Prison System: ◦ 1895: Leavenworth, Kansas- First non-military federal prison opens. ◦ 1906: Second federal prison opens inAtlanta. ◦ 1927:Alderson, West Virginia- First federal prison for women ◦ 1933: Springfield, Missouri- Medical Center for federal Prisoners ◦ 1934:Alcatraz begins operations. • 5 Security Levels: ◦ Administrative maximum (ADMAX) ◦ High Security: US Peniten
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