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Criminal Justice
CJ 210

Chapter 9 (Class)- 3/20/13 • Traditional Sentencing Options: ◦ Imprisonment ◦ Fines ◦ Probation ◦ Death • Consequences: ◦ Retribution: The act of taking revenge on a perpetrator ◦ Rehabilitation: Criminals can be cured of their problems and criminality and can be returned to society ◦ Deterrence: Seeks to inhibit criminal behavior by fear of punishment ◦ Incapacitation:The only way to prevent criminals from reoffending is to remove them from society ◦ Restoration:Attempts to make the victim “whole again” to address damage to the victim and community • Incapacitation: The use of imprisonment or other means to reduce the likelihood that an offender will be capable of committing future offenses ◦ The goal is the protection of innocent members of society • Deterrence:Agoal of criminal sentencing which seeks to prevent others from committing crimes similar to the one for which an offender is being sentenced ◦ Specific Deterrence: Prevent a particular offender from engaging in repeat criminality ◦ General Deterrence: Prevent others from committing similar crimes for which a particular offender is being sentenced • Sentencing: Two types.. ◦ Indeterminate: there is a range, the judge has a choice ◦ Determinate (fixed): set by statute • Proportionality..the severity of the sanction should be directly related to the seriousness of the crime committed. • Types of Sentencing: ◦ Determinatesentence: ▪ Fixed sentence ▪ Good time possible ▪ Well defined hierarchy of penalties ◦ Indeterminatesentence ▪ 1 to 10 ▪ Unspecified sentence ▪ Relies heavily on judge's discretion ▪ From 1 to 10 years ▪ Encourages rehabilitation ◦ Mandatory Sentence ▪ Fixed by statute
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