FIM 335 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Shelf-Stable Food, Nick Allen, Cookie Dough

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Published on 3 Apr 2016
Client Proposal Group 4
Big Dipper Dough has done very well starting up with the multiple sales in Traverse City
and the huge sale in Wisconsin, as well as the upcoming deal with SpartanNash. At this point we
understand that a clearly defined target market to promote to is necessary. Thus far we know that
the product is bought more often by women, specifically mothers who know their children will
most likely be trying to swipe the raw cookie dough and teens with a sweet tooth. However,
many studies from 2015 show that women are no longer the only grocery shoppers in the average
household, in fact the percentage of men who do it instead has at least doubled in the past couple
decades (David Sprinkle, Research Director Packaged Facts) so to determine Big Dipper
Dough’s specific target market we would recommend doing online surveys and plan to
implement an in-store testing and survey to learn more about the interested customers.
Once a target is determined we would like to create a supplemental marketing strategy.
This strategy should help to differentiate the product from others on the market, a big play we
should address is that the product is 100% safe to eat raw, but also that it is bakeable unlike the
competitor’s product. We want to figure out how consumers are eating the product?
Another way to differentiate the product is by promoting young entrepreneurs and fire
fighters across the US which is why the strategy should include making the website more
appealing and easier to navigate for consumers and wholesalers everywhere to relate to. The
individuality of the product needs to be clearly represented on everything a potential customer
can lay their eyes on, especially their packaging.
In order to continue expanding the use of free marketing on social media will be utilized.
A key component to using social media is making sure consumers can find you, to do this you
must network, make connections in order to “tag” people or other companies in posts. Another
find more resources at
find more resources at
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component to this type of marketing involves hashtags (“#”)... lots of them. When hashtags are
employed it makes finding something much easier online because people will not have to search
for “Big Dipper Dough” instead they can search for anything such as #YoungEntrepreneur,
#SupportLocal, or even #EgglessCookies and still find your company. Once many “followers”,
“friends”, and “likes” are attained doing online surveys to determine what new flavors of cookie
dough to produce and where to expand to should be more clearly defined.
One last marketing concern that we think could be improved is the website. We think the
website should be more appealing and easier to navigate for the customers. It should be
informational and professional while remaining personal. If the website is more appealing and
has links to all the social media outlets then the company will be more well-known.
One other market strategy we will utilize is to take advantage of collecting primary data
in the form of taste testing in grocery stores and doing customer focus groups. We will have
customers from different demographic backgrounds try the products and give us feedback on
them such as, flavor preferences, what do they like or dislike, new flavor suggestions, price
points etc. Gathering primary data such as this will be critical in determining who we should
deem the target market and where we should focus our marketing efforts on.
Big Dipper Dough is already growing rapidly and has so much more potential. We have
brainstormed multiple proposals to incorporate into our marketing strategy. What we have came
up with should help find a specific target market, find a way to attract the prospects, and in the
long run grow the company. We are looking forward to communicating our ideas and working
together in the coming months. Thank you for your time.
find more resources at
find more resources at
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