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Lecture 8

Lecture 8

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HST 202

HST 202 Lecture Notes Revolution and the New Nation The Road to Revolution II 2/4/13 TAXATION:  Why tax the colonies? o Wars were very expensive (French and Indian war in 1754-63) o Colonists felt worthy of British name and proud of defending the land o King/Parliament felt the colonists owed Britain for the money they had spent  Tax Acts (mostly affecting educated, powerful, political merchant class): o Molasses Act (1733): Taxed molasses imports at $.06 per barrel  Many officials could be paid off at first  Colonies were supposed to benefit the home country o Sugar Act (1764): Reduced tax on sugar products to $.03 but also increased enforcement of the act through required paperwork and legal punishments  Hard to win a court case because the burden of proof is on the defendant in the British legal system  Still wanted colonies to work for the benefit of the home country o Currency Act (1764): Individual colonies were no longer allowed to produce their own currency and merchant debts had to be settled in specie (gold or silver) o Stamp Act (1765): Required that stamps be purchased from the monarchy by merchant class in order to sell or validate documents which raised the price for the consumers o Quartering Act (1765): Required that English soldiers be given public accommodation and hosts had to provide them with alcohol, candles, and firewood  First act that directly affected common people and not just merchants  Taxes were previously viewed as a request but not demanded  Colonists argued that they should have representation but Parliament responded that their members were acting on behalf of everyone so they were indirectly represented o Virginia Resolves: o Sons of Liberty: o Stamp Act Congress:  Townsend Revenue Act (1767): Taxed lead, paint, paper, and tea o Sparked protests and Republicanism because it was harder to fight than previous taxes and directly affected more people
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