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Lecture 10

Lecture 10

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HST 202

HST 202 Lecture Notes The Revolution The American Revolution - Home Fronts 2/13/13  Support for the War: o 50% of colonists were Patriots o 5% of colonists were Loyalists o The rest tried to stay neutral until the war came to them  John Adams: A Founding Father who left his farm in rural Massachusetts for the Continental Congress  Army practices in the colonies: o No war debt system o Did not keep track of wounded/killed soldiers o Crowded, unsanitary, and unplanned army camps  Women on the home front: o Republican motherhood: Women would raise their children to take on the Patriotic cause, support the new nation, and understand the idea of democracy  Ex. Abigail Adams o Provided for their families and sent supplies to soldiers o Took on new hobbies (ex. Spinning thread, making bullets) o Attacked a merchant, took his key, and stole coffee because he was holding it waiting for prices to go up o Inoculated themselves and their families to protect against small pox  Identification: Many colonists started to identify with other colonists as “Americans” rather than being “Englishmen”  Alternate views on freedom (slaves): o Men in power owned slaves o Slaves struggled with whether to take Lord Dunmore’s Proclamation or to join the Patriots – mixed results o Mum Bette:  Domestically enslaved with her little sister in the house of the prominent Colonel Ashley in the southern colonies  Educated on independence and the Enlightenment because she heard important information during meetings while she worked  Strong willed- Her little sister tried to make biscuits for her family out of extra dough. Mrs. Ashley caught her and was about to hit her with a coal shovel when Mum Bette threw her arm in the way. She showed off her scar and when asked about it she would say to “ask Mrs.”  Built a case with a law
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