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Lecture 13

Lecture 13

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HST 202

HST 202 Lecture Notes Forming a New Nation American Expansion II: The Economies of the North and South 2/27/13 UNITED STATES: Thomas Jefferson and the Democratic Republicans in Power  Goals: o US remain credible in the world o Protect the American frontier o Expand US territory  Economic Policy: o Made cuts to downsize the federal government:  Cut ½ of the Army budget  Cut 2/3 of the Navy budget o Used money to:  Repeal internal taxes (such as the Whiskey Tax)  Pay down national debt (it was cut in half by 1807) o Decreased role of federal government as well as federal revenue NORTH AFRICA: Barbary Pirates on the Barbary Coast  Leaders of Tunis, Algeria, Morocco, and Tripoli wanted to dominate Mediterranean trade  Boarded ships and took “tribute”  Caused problems in world trade because you had to travel close to the North African shore in the Mediterranean Sea since it is narrow  American shipping efficiency was decreased due to Jefferson’s cut in the Navy budget o National Bank helped to fund American attacks and defense against pirates which made it impossible for the Democratic Republican party to elimintate it  Ended in a draw between pirates and the US as European wars caused distraction FRANCE: Imperialism and Napoleon’s International Role  Napoleon Bonaparte: o Crowned himself emperor and re-centralized power o Goals:  Re-assert imperial power in American colonies (received Louisiana from Spain in 1800)  Re-assert power in the Caribbean (thought French economy needed to use slavery on sugar plantations) o The Republic of Haiti:  Re-allowed slavery in San Doming and sent 30,000 troops to enforce it  People fought and won independence in 1804  Failure in Haiti led him to focus on a European campaign o The Louisiana Territory/Louisiana Purchase:  His European campaign needed funding  More than doubled the size of the US in the greatest land deal in history with 883,000 square miles of land being acquired without war  Sold to the US for 3.5 cents per acre (about $11.25 million) and granted them debt forgiveness from the war  Jefferson did not consult Congress whi
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