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Lecture 15

Lecture 15

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HST 202 Lecture Notes The New Nation American Slavery/American Freedom 3/13/13 DEVELOPMENT OF THE OLD SOUTHWEST Northwest Territory  Sale of western land and settler expansion was tied to the wealth the US could produce and their image in international politics o Small family farms for self-sufficiency o Extension of slavery  Time period was a “gray area” between the early national perid and antebellum period Louisiana Territory  Acquired by the US in 1803  Before being claimed by the US, there was some French settlement but it was abandoned by the government and mostly unsettled  Congress prohibited importing slaves from Africa into the Louisiana Territory on January 26, 1804 o Slaves were transported to the Atlantic Coast o New slave trade was developed to bring them to the Louisiana Territory  US abolished Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade in 1808 which led to smuggling Mississippi Territory  Government sold almost half a million acres between 1807-1812 o Great source of much needed revenue o Favored those who had money to get good land o Small farmers from the south moved and brought slaves  Ruined Thomas Jefferson’s goal of “small farms”  Wanted to raise their social status  Conflict with the Native Americans o Settlers moved to Chickasaw land in 1810 and asked the government to expel the Chickasaw people because  They felt they were “settling and improving” the land rather than constantly moving  Considered themselves “true” Americans and better than Indians o Government policy of civilized missions  Tried to “civilize” Indians into Americans  Civilized: Taking up sedentary agriculture and accepting Protestant Christianity (dress, social institutions, etc.)  Native Americans combated practice by assimilation so they would not be viewed as savage and pushed out but this only worked for a short amount of time  Ecunnaunnuxulgee: “People greedily grasping land”  US negotiated for land in the Mississippi and Louisiana Territory and established new slave states
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