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Lecture 17

Lecture 17

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HST 202

HST 202 Lecture Notes Regions Grow Apart The West 3/20/13 MANIFEST DESTINY: “It is the God-given right of America to settle the land up to the Pacific Ocean and therefore preserving humanity and expanding America”  Brought trade goods west  Established farms  Wanted an empire to extend influence  Mountain Men: French, American, and Indian men who followed streams through the mountains to make money by finding furs (ex. Joe Meek) though they lived a dangerous life o Hats:  Made from the furs  Showed riches and style of the upper class  Increased demand for beaver  Style switched to silk hats and ended career of mountain men  Black Hills were a point of contention between the Native Americans and Americans o Lakota came to live there because they considered it their heartland o Americans had no care for the Natives o Lakota became known as the Sioux warriors Mexico:  Won independence from Spain in 1821  Tejas/Texas: o Stephen F. Austin (in the Mexican government) welcomed Americans in to establish settlement if they swore Mexican allegiance o Mexicans already there were called Tejanos o Squatters came without permission o Texans and Tejanos created a constitution and wanted independence o Sam Houston:  Successful, well-known political man in the east  Went to Texas with his Cherokee friends after his wife left him  Became leader of Texans o General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna:  Declared himself dictator of Mexico and promised autonomy for Texas  Send troops to stop independence claims from Texas o The Alamo:  Santa Anna threatened San Antonio where troops responded with cannon fire  Sam Houston called for men to protect Texas but Andrew Jackson maintained neutrality so he could buy Texas instead of fight for it  Houston would not support a fight because it looked too daunting  Mexicans stormed the Alamo and the Texans fought back but Santa Anna won o Continued fighting in Texas:  Houston and his Texan army retreated from Santa Anna and his Mexic
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