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Lecture 20

Lecture 20

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HST 202

HST 202 Lecture Notes The Sectional Crisis The Sectional Crisis I 4/1/13 Ideas behind Manifest Destiny:  Reasons for moving west o Economic- Cheap land and resources o Religious- Persecution or missions o Forced- Indian removal and slavery  Feelings about moving west o Government supported move west with morale and troops o Most whites had a positive view and their rights were regarded as more important than others o Native Americans were upset about white people crossing their new land because they feared they would be forced out again o  Huge population shift o Congress allowed squatters to claim land by settling and farming it instead of buying it which allowed access to more land for more Americans o Half of the US population lived in the west by 1860 o Traveled on foot because wagons were uncomfortable and carried belongings  Oregon Trail: o Most famous and most practical path out west across the mountains o Some trails split off the trail to other ones such as that to California o Marked by federal outposts/forts (like present day rest stops) o 1,000 travelers crossed the trail in 1843 o 1/10 people died along the way  2/3 of a wagon train died of cholera (causes dehydration, lack of appetite, and dysentery) o Most people’s shoes wore out along the way and they crossed it barefoot o Timeline:  People started crossing in 1836 (like Marcus and Narcissa Whitman)  John C. Freemont finished mapping the trail in 1844  Transcontinental Railroad was completed in 1869 so people stopped walking the trail Areas involved in Manifest Destiny:  Texas/Tejas: o Transcontinental Treaty (1819): US gave up Californian and Texan land but settlers still went o Mexico invited Americans to settle Texas to create a buffer zone of protection from the US and possible invasion  Tejanos (Texas natives) felt ignored by the Mexican government and disliked the Anglos (Americans who brought their slaves) because they took land from them and the government gave them land  Americans never intended to become Mexican because
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