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Lecture 22

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HST 202 Lecture Notes The Civil War Death and the Civil War (Movie) 4/8/13 The movie Death and the Civil War was shown in class and we got a handout with lecture terms.  James Robert Montgomery o Private in the Confederate Army o From Mississippi o Got a shoulder wound and died  700,000 o Estimated number of Americans who died during the Civil War o Higher death toll than any of the past wars combined o Half the bodies were never identified  A “good death” o Americans started to rethink death and war as being more personal and tragic o Questioned what the right and Godly way to die was o Highlighted the need for centralized procedures for identification, burial, family assistance, and hospitals for injured and dead o Christian ideas influence what was decided to be “a good death”  At home  Surrounded by loved ones  Told “good words” o Contradicted by war o Soldiers started to make pacts, write letters home, and carry pictures in order to make their death “better” o Newspapers started to publish lists of casualties for families to look at since the government did not keep personnel records – just numbers – but they were often very inaccurate o People wanted their loved ones body as proof of death because it was hard to accept that they were “missing” so embalming became common place o Bowditch lost his son and advocated for an ambulance system to aid the injured and reduce the number of deaths  Battle of Bull Run/Manassas o July 21, 1861 o 900 men were killed and 2,700 were wounded o Lasted 12 hours o At Fort Sumter o Union lost  Shiloh o Battle made it clear that this would be a “modern war” o North had an advantage due to their manufacturing but their tactics were not as up to date and they had less structure o South won o 3,477 died and armies were overwhelmed by bodies and what to do with the dead  Camp Diseases o Killed many soldiers because people didn’t understand how they spread  U.S. Sanitary Commission o Established to deal with death and disease
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