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Lecture 4

Lecture 4-24-13

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HST 202

HST 202 Lecture Notes The Reconstruction The Reconstruction II 4/24/13 Conditions and History of the South:  Robert Smalls: o Stole a Confederate ship to escape from slavery o Becomes an important part of the Union army o Campaigned and was elected to the South Carolina House of Representatives by his large group of African American supporters  Lost Friends: Newspaper articles written by slaves searching for family and friends in an attempt to reunite  African Americans who were formerly slaves started new lives o Searched for jobs o Bought land o Got married o Advocated for literacy  Education was not standardized  Often relied on former servicemen or white northerners to found schools because they had wages and could read  Showed that they were concerned with defining freedom for themselves o Tried to join politics  Red Shirts: o Bands of old Confederate soldiers who regrouped to resist and rebel and use violence against blacks to maintain old order o Became the KKK - a violent group
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