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Michigan State University
Human Nutrition and Foods
HNF 150
Nichole Martinson

HNF150 Fall 2013 N. Martinson Lecture Notes How Do We Know What We Know About Nutrition? A. How do we know? 1. We’re born with it • Children are born with the innate ability to internally regulate their food intake, an ability usually lost by adulthood. • Children are capable of adjusting the size of meals to meet their energy needs and have demonstrated impressive ability to regulate their energy intake (without coercion). • Taste and disgust 2. Personal Testimony 3. Ancient Wisdom 4. Cultural Heritage 5. Our Values 6. We heard it from a farmer 7. Because someone famous told us 8. We heard it from a food company All have money 9. We read it in a newspaper or magazine incentive to make us believe their information! 10. I read it in a book 11. I saw it on an infomercial 12. My instructor told me HOW DO SCIENTISTS KNOW? • Information supported by scientific research • Nutrition science: The process by which scientists collectively and over time, endeavor to construct an accurate representation of the world. 1 HNF150 Fall 2013 N. Martinson Lecture Notes B. Scientific Method: 1. Observe a phenomenon 2. Formulate a hypothesis 3. Perform an experiment to test this hypothesis 4. Replicate the findings of the experiment by independent experimenters • No study is perfect • One is never enough! 5. Peer review of results C. Scientific studies are published in scientific journals • Revie
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