Lecture 12 Outline Answers - Domestic Hunger

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Human Nutrition and Foods
HNF 406

Domestic Hunger Most middle income families are only ONE paycheck away from using food banksChildren are most affected by povertybenefit the most they are out nations future35 mil Live in poverty in USo Childreb are sicker less ready to learn truant more likely to drop outoWhat a wasteburden to societyEspecially if they end up in the prison systemPoverty HungerFood Insecurity in the USIn the long run to alleviate hunger and malnutrition you must eliminate poverty The poor will always be with usDefined economically in absolute terms asadequate dietPoverty relates to COST of food for the Thrifty Food Plan TFPPoverty can be defined CulturallyInternalBorn into and rarely escapeo Powerlessnesso WorthlessnessoMay disregard educ as a way outExternalTransitory loss of incomeoChange of lifestylenot attitudes or self imageoEven for middle income job loss leads to despair US values earning a good livingNutrition Impacts of Being InternallyExternally Poor Internal People might be Illiterate uneducatedTrouble spending wisely make food dollar go far May affect selfesteem education Need to give HOPEExternal People might be Resources limited but can plancook Have family resources Too proud to use govt welfare programsThrifty Food PlanDefinedo Least costly diet for family of 4 for 1 weekTFP calculated1
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