Lecture 5 outline Answers - History of Food and Eating - Technological Advances

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Human Nutrition and Foods
HNF 406

History of Food and EatingTechnological Advances Industrial Revolution 17th and 18th CenturyHuman and animal labor replaced by machinery Alsouse of fossil fuels as energy sourceFactoriesFood system technologically complex new crops breed specialization Rapid onset of innovative technologiesReorganization of workforce urbanizationdenser populationsMass production wide array of commoditiesconsumer goods 2 distinct classesWorking class machineryMiddle class factory owners merchants lawyers clergymen Industrialization influenced not only what people ate but when and where they ateMigration to cities regional cuisinesFactories and densely populated citiesFood expensive poor storage Money but not enough for food Less locally grown foodWorking classes hardest hit eg tea boiled potatoes bread cheese and porridge typical dietRichwide variety more meat fine bread fruit and vegetablesMoney but not enough for food Less locally grown foodWorking classes hardest hit Tea boiled potatoes bread cheese and porridge typical dietBy 1850Only 20 agriculture primarily food for marketplace laborers andcheaperabundant foodTechnological advancements in transportation refrigeration and food processingLower cost of food andvarietyRegional cuisinesDietfood consumed to meet nutrient needsCuisinefoods and food preparation techniques taste and preferencesStyle awareness and varietyThe Science of FoodStone milling10000 BP
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