IAH 221C Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Utopia, Schizophrenia

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24 Feb 2020

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IAH 4/3 Notes (Real Continued)
-D2L content folder contains template for how to write papers better and introduce/explain
quote, check that and also look at how I structured my last paper and do the same kind of thing
but look at her feedback on my paper
-Thesis Statement Outline for this paper: By examining _____ in Woman on the Edge of Time,
we can see ____ about utopia. This is important to (to whom?) ____. This version of utopia has
significant implications for (who cares _______) and (who is affected ________).
-Connie’s Alternative History:
-Can you imagine a more feminist ending to the novel, or is this radical already?
-feels pretty radical already because at least she stood up for herself, even though it
didn’t really work, at least she tried and at least she did what she could. For this time period
that it is set in, it feels kind of radical already but obviously could be more feminist/radical as
described below. She did what she did could even though she knew there were consequences
to her actions (“she laid there with her heart pounding terribly and she sat on her bed waiting. I
am not sorry”). So clearly she does not regret her choice and standing up for herself.
-only way it could have been more radical would be if she actually fully escaped and
didnt get caught again and that she won’ over the white, radical male doctors who really hold
the power. They are the ones who ultimately get to tell Connie’s story and decide who she is
(schizophrenic, mental health issues) while Connie’s story is just that she saw the future. The
white, male doctors win in the end and still hold the power because they have money and
education whereas Connie is poor and Latina.
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