IAH 221C Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Dystopia, Mexican Americans

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24 Feb 2020
IAH Notes 3/25: Chapter 11 & 12
What is Connie’s escape from the hospital like? (chapter 11)
o Not very well thought out, kind of ‘impropt to’
o She didn’t really think about it, she just ran when she escaped
How do Connie’s friends help her escape? (chapter 11)
o Luciente gives Connie advice on how to fake being unconscious/passed
o Connie and Sybil (2 women) stage a fight in order to help Connie escape.
Use fake blood so that when they fake fight and Connie falls down, she
puts fake blood coming out of her ear and then sticks fingers up her nose
to make herself pass out (fake kind of)
o Connie and Sybil use whatever means available they have (very little in
the insane asylum) to help Connie escape
o Sybil still helps Connie escape even though Sybil would be staying in the
asylum, she still helps her escape
What does Connie do while she is away from the hospital? Would you say that her
escape is utopic or dystopic?
o Really you could view it being either way, utopic or dystopic
o Dystopic evidence: a lot of pollution that Luciente had warned her about
(she is living on the edge of the highway with trash and in the woods
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