IAH 221C Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Character Analysis

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24 Feb 2020
IAH Assignment:
Character Analysis from There, There
1) Bill Davis: contrast to younger characters we see in the novel (good character to write
about in paper)
--critique of technology seen when he has this “comic fight” with the drone
--pay attention to the way he talks about technology like cell phones and the drone
--good representation of an older man critiquing the new generation & technology
-Physical Appearance:
-older man, grey hair that is receding, his stomach comes out a little more each
year, feet and knees hurt when he stands or walks for too long
-stereotypical garbage man
-sees a distorted picture of himself when he looks in the mirror
-Details that help us understand character’s background:
-does not like the new generation of people & how things are done, he is more
stuck in his old ways/the past
-he used to serve in the military/fight in war, he was dishonorably discharged
-he read a lot of books on history, sports, and by famous authors like
-he went to prison for 5 years for stabbing one
-Believes kids won’t be ready for the real world “behind their phones”
-Language style that character uses:
-he is blunt, tells it how it is (How he talks to Edwin is a good example of this)
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