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ISS 335

Summary: “Ethics of the Living Jim Crow” (23-32)  Story about a man named Richard and how he learned the Jim Crow Laws 1. As a child, Richard had mini battles with White children. When he got hurt and his mom found out he was fighting whites she beat him. 2. Richard worked in an Optical Company. When he asked for more information on what they were doing he got fired for exceeding his boundaries as a black man.  Psychological Wage: Whites benifited if not economically, psychiologically by excluding blacks. 3. Worked as a Porter in a store where a woman got beat for not paying taxes. After she got beat, a police officer arrested her for being intoxicated, even though he was aware of the beating.  Police are oppressors 4. Did deliveries on a bicycle.  White boys asked him if he wanted a ride. He didn’t address a man by sir so he got hit in the head with a whisky bottle. 5. Worked in a Hotel  Blacks were forced to marry after a woman got pregnant. The baby however, was born lighter skinned.  A double standard: Black men could have white women but white woman couldn’t have black men.  Theme: Jim Crow was enforced as a social code. Those who deviated were punished. Gender: (Rothenberg 54-68; 80-100)  Gender is a socially constructed concept.  Socialization
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