Masculinity is Homophobia, Disability, Sexuality (9-10).docx
Masculinity is Homophobia, Disability, Sexuality (9-10).docx

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Michigan State University
Integrative Studies Social Sci
ISS 335

Masculinity is Homophobia Karl Marx Bourgeoisie: Owners or leaders of society Proletariat: Workers 200 years ago in America there were two models of masculinity 1. Genteel Patriarch Ex. George Washington 2. Heroic Artisan Ex. Shopkeeper, works with hands Modern Day:  Market Place Man: Economic success . Tangible goods are evidence of success.  Urban Business man.  Becomes the standard that other men are judged.  Hegemonic Masculinity: Dominance  Four Components of Masculinity:  No sissy stuff: Chief component  Be a big wheel (The boss, have power and wealth)  Be a sturdy oak: Don’t show emotions and remain calm in a crisis.  Give ‘em hell: Be daring and aggressive. Take risks.  Men try to prove their masculinity to other men. By possessing women they can be seen as more of a man.  Homophobia: Hostility towards gays.  To call someone else gay is to reaffirm your own man hood.  Exaggerating the components makes others not assume they don’t meet up to the standards.  Belief in male superiority.  “The Social Construction of Sexuality” (Ruth Hubbard) When kids read adolescence the culture pressures them into heterosexual activity. Ex
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