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Continued from last lecture Phrenology: The skull is indicative of things like intelligence and character. Craniometry: The measurement of the skull. Ex. At Ellis they had measurement units to measure heads. These measurements were used to generalize about groups of people. The 1924 Immigration Act  A quota system to limit immigration from Southern and Eastern Europe.  Racism implemented in law  Overturned in 1965 Poverty in the United States The U.S. has the one of the highest childhood poverty rate in the world for a country of it’s class.  1 in five children are living in poverty.  As of 2011 16% of the population was living in poverty o Causes (Class discussion):  Displaced workers of automotive companies due to industrialization  Welfare dependency  Bad role models  Unstable home lives  One earner for a large house hold  Unequal distribution of wealth  Cost of living  People aren’t presentable  Dependent on parents  Skewed task system  Underclass families have more children  Middle class is disappearing  Lack of educational opportunity “Deconstructing the Underclass”  Deserving poor vs. Undeserving Poor  Deserving Poor: Lack work ethic and motivation.  Undeserving Poor: Their poor is not a reflection of their ability to succeed. Oscar Lewis  Culture of Poverty: Perpetuated poverty generation after generation  Features  A present orientation  Fatalistic view of the world: People feel they are stuck in their economic class  Abandonment of wives and children  Use of violence to settle disputes  Substance abuse  Critique: This explains the effects not the causes of poverty C.P. Ellis  Worked hard long hours to make ends meet. He got married and one of his children was born with a disability. He tried to make ends meet but the costs of having a blind and deaf child were too high.  To make himself feel accomplished, he joined the KKK. He blamed his hardships on blacks. His father was a member of the Klan. o The three vows that recruits had to make to the c
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