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ISS 335

Defining Racism Prejudice: a feeling of dislike. Racism: A system of advantage based on race White Privilege: An invisible package that whites aren’t aware of. Types of Racism Active Racism: Intentional acts of bigotry Passive Racism: More subtle going along with status quo. Ex. Laughing at racism Walkway Analogy Walkway at an airport: Passive racism is like standing on an airport walkway. You will get to the same place as someone actively walking, or an active racist. One must walk the opposite direction on the walkway in order to counteract the acts of racism. The author states that nonwhites can’t be racist.  Abercrombie and Fitch Was accused and found guilty of discrimination in hiring. Oppression Door ritual: Women walk through the door and men hold it. The author views this as oppressive. Door opening is for someone who is carrying a heavy load and is unable to open it for themselves.  The message is female dependence. These things are meant for people that are less capable.  Bird in a cage analogy: If you look at one thing that men do for women, or a wire, it doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal. But when you look at them combined they form a cage that is female dependency. Affirmative Action: Government Programs to assist women and minorities in hiring and educati
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