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Basics Concepts in Intergroup Relations Rothenberg 102-114; 479-488 Underclass  Culture of poverty  chronically unemployed, underemployed  acute or persistent poverty  dangerous  Others focus on harmful behavior, such as crime or patterns of deviant behavior  Right – underclass is the product of the unwillingness of the black poor to adhere to American work ethic  Left- consequence of the development of the post-industrial economy, which no longer needs the unskilled poor  Should it be attributed to the economy and state or to the people themselves?  William J. Wilson discusses it exists because of the large- scale harmful changes in the labor market and isolation of areas from the more affluent parts of the black community  Danger of the term  Unsul power of a buzzword  Racial codeword – Hispanic and blacks  Flexible character – create a definition  Sizing notion – lumping people  Self fulfilling prochpiecies – people believe they are unworthy  Interference with antipoverty policy- because of lumping laws do not address individuals but the masses  Persuasive capacity- actions become an effect of being in the underclass  Defining neighborhoods as underclass  “concentraion and isolation” social isolation as the better move out  Concept of an “underclass” Domination and Subordination  Temporary Inequality- lesser party is socially d
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